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RF Neck Treatment

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Neck wrinkles commonly develop owing to the aging process. However, recently, the number of patients with neck wrinkles has been increasing. Also, an increasing number of young patients have presented with this condition, possibly because of the effect of the head-down posture that they adopt when using their computer or smartphone. 

The aging process is often associated with untoward effects on the neckline, including accumulation of fat, redundancy of the skin, skin laxity, and ptosis of the underlying anatomical structures. Recently, the number of patients with neck wrinkles has been increasing, and an increasing number of young patients are affected with this problem. This situation could be due to the tendency of many people to tilt their head downward when using a computer or a smartphone; it is possible that such posture could create wrinkles on the neck skin. In these patients, very prominent horizontal wrinkles can be seen on the neck without the accumulation of fat, ptosis, or decreased skin laxity. Reducing the depth of wrinkles by creating a more homogeneous skin tone with a smoother texture helps achieve a more youthful appearance.

Radiofrequency (RF) is the most widely used technique in dermatology for nonablative skin rejuvenation through its thermal effects. Recent reports have shown improvement of the neck skin through treatment with nonablative RF devices.

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